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Is your business persona working for you?

Get the new office rules in our exclusive excerpt from Stanley Bing's new book, The Curriculum: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master of the Business Arts.  More

How coffee can keep workers honest

People who get too little sleep are prone to go along with unethical practices at work, a study says -- unless they up their caffeine intake.  More

A Coke exec's lessons from an unlikely visitor

One of Coca-Cola's top marketing executives found unexpected lessons about work and life from her Zimbabwean mentee.  More

The Fortune interview: Rupert Murdoch

In his first wide-ranging press interview in five years, the media mogul opens up about remaking his empire, succession and his children, his divorce, politics, and his new vineyard.  More

Welcome to the era of Lego innovation (some assembly required)

Companies, researchers, and governments are creating breakthrough products without having to create any new technology.  More

The ruble stops here

What managers can learn from Manager Putin.  More

8 CEOs who took a pay cut in 2013

Median CEO pay inched up 9% in 2013 to $13.9 million. But not everyone got a bump last year. Here are eight CEOs who missed out.  More

Why Brooklyn Law cut its tuition

The law school recently cut its sticker price by 15%. Dean Nicholas Allard explains the school's rationale.  More

How to get employees to be more entrepreneurial

As companies compete on innovation and speed, decision-making comes less from executives at the top. Here are five ways to instill leadership across your organization.  More

Massachusetts' clever immigration reform workaround

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick unveiled a novel plan that aims to let foreign-born, U.S.-educated entrepreneurs stay in the country. Here's how it works.  More

How companies are using wearables in the workplace

Companies want to ensure that employees keep active and sleep well. Wearable technology may be the answer.  More

Getting along at work: A primer on personal intelligence

Many challenges at the office come down to managing our own personalities.  More

10 best founding teams

The most effective co-founders pair vision with fortitude to launch a business. Here are some of the best examples through the years.  More

How to pitch Warren Buffett in 60 seconds or less

At the world's richest business plan competition, more than 40 teams delivered a minute-long appeal to an imaginary Oracle of Omaha. Here are our favorites.  More

Golden Parachutes: Why it's bad business

Exorbitant payouts to executives for leaving violates the idea of pay-for-performance.  More

Welcome to the MBA business plan battle royale

More than 500 teams applied to the richest business plan competition in the world, Rice University's event in Houston. The 42 still standing will compete this weekend for $1.6 million in prizes.  More

How investing in curiosity pays off big at Discovery

At cable TV giant Discovery Communications, believing in a Brand Ideal -- and betting big money on it -- has helped quadruple the stock.  More

Dollar stores face hard times

As the economy improves and federal unemployment and foot stamp benefits are cut, dollar stores get dinged.  More

Whole Foods takes over America

The hugely successful natural-food retailer is expanding into new and unexpected markets -- Boise! Newark! Detroit! -- and changing the way the country eats, one kale smoothie at a time.  More

When should you tell your boss you're pregnant?

Women expecting children have certain legal rights, but office politics matter, too. Here's how to handle a potentially tricky dilemma.  More

Attack of the helicopter parents of MBA applicants

For at least a decade, parents have become deeply involved in their children's undergraduate admissions process. Those same parents are now taking the graduate schools by storm.  More

Blocking Comcast-TWC will not fix America's Internet monopoly

While the Senate discusses the rising cost of cable TV, the real debate should be over how to provide fast, reliable, and affordable access to the Internet  More

How to scale up your team to greatness

The best teams are small, have many women, and know how to have a good fight  More

New GM: Same as it ever was?

As the growing scandal around its ignition-switch recall illustrates, GM still hasn't fixed its problematic culture in the years since bankruptcy.  More

How to lead a team when you're not the boss

You don't need compliance from colleagues and subordinates. You need ideas, willing collaboration, and participation.  More

Pepperidge Farm president: I failed grad school and bounced back

From entrepreneur to corporate all-star, Irene Chang Britt talks to Fortune about her road to success.  More

Trouble at Target: 3 questions for CEO Gregg Steinhafel

The U.S. retailer faces a cloud of uncertainty as it deals with the fallout of its credit card data breach.  More

Mozilla CEO's downfall a lesson to all execs: 'Stay boring'

More than ever, a CEO is a brand unto him or herself; a brand that undoubtedly melds with the image of the company itself. If the two don't mesh, it can spell disaster.  More

More than jerky: Patagonia expands in food

The purveyor of fly-fishing gear now offers salmon-in-a-pouch. Up next: grains and more.  More

Teen summer job market shows signs of recovery

About two-thirds of employers say they plan to hire more helpers this summer, and pay is rising, too. For once, first-time job seekers have an edge.  More

End of the 'gig economy?' Entrepreneurship fell in 2013, thanks to job growth

Fewer Americans are launching new ventures out of necessity, a new Kauffman Foundation report shows.  More

How to fail in business while really, really trying

Big dreams, arrogance, infighting, and delusion all collided in the disastrous attempt to fix venerable retail giant J.C. Penney. The inside story of a revolution derailed.  More

Freelancer pay jumps, in search for quality work

A growing number of managers have come to the conclusion that paying more pays off -- especially for larger and more complex projects.  More

Why Andreessen Horowitz changed its mind on Oculus VR

Andreessen Horowitz stands to make a fortune from Oculus VR, but it originally didn't want to invest.  More

Double trouble: When spouses who share a business call it quits

Divorce is never easy. Throw in a jointly-run business and the breakup could get messier. A legal pro offers his best advice.  More

Why we should openly discuss salaries at work

We are, apparently, victims of America's rugged individual ideals. And a little more transparency could go a long way for pay equity.  More

The leisure revolution that never came

Few Americans today think they have the kind of abundance of free time that futurists predicted.  More

Nordstrom's service with a style

Nordstrom has won plaudits, and profits, by putting customers first.  More

Will Johnnie Walker's new label be scotched?

The nonprofit Explorers Club seeks to block Diageo's mighty Scotch whisky unit from marketing its new Explorers' Club Collection.  More

Marry young, and other tips for happy and successful living

Fortune.com selects the most compelling short essays, anecdotes, and author interviews from "250 Words," a site developed by Simon & Schuster to explore the best new business books—wherever they may be published.  More

The evolution of Blake Mycoskie

The founder of TOMS shoes has made a transition from handsome hippie with an idea to boldfaced business name. Next up: Courting the Fortune 500.  More

Barley brouhaha

A schism is brewing in the $11 billion gluten-free industry -- and it's coming to a head over beer.  More

Egads, what sorcery is this?

In our last issue, we left Bingman standing in the depths of the mysterious Google barge. What hidden terrors will the Corporate Crusader find within?  More

3 ways to get better ideas from your diverse team

Diversity alone probably won't spark innovation. To avoid the same old groupthink, draw cultural differences out so you can put them to work. Here's how.  More

Corporate America doesn't need a 'business case' to do good

Corporate responsibility may not lead to bigger profits, but it's still essential.  More

'America got a cold and black businesses got pneumonia'

Harry Alford, CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, talks about encouraging black-owned businesses -- and why he thinks Paul Ryan is right about inner city culture.  More

The lipstick divide: In beauty sales, it's rich vs. poor

Upscale beauty products are beating drugstore brands.  More

Sears launches a fast fashion Hail Mary

The struggling retailer is introducing its Now + Here shop in stores and online in an attempt to capture a piece of the growing fast fashion market.  More

How to deepen customer loyalty: Be transparent

Companies should expose their vulnerabilities and own up to their mistakes.  More

A new reason to love your super-demanding job

If there are days when what you do is so challenging that you think your head will explode, cheer up. Your brain will thank you later.  More

In battling German unions, will Amazon emulate Wal-Mart?

The company is failing to sync with the German work environment, but it doesn't have any plans to change its ways.  More

How women can make the VC money flow

Masters of the venture capital universe tend to be male and biased toward funding guys with decent business plans and big dreams. How can women entrepreneurs compete?  More

Disrupters storm D.C. (sorta)

"Impatient" tech execs lay out an agenda for changing federal policy. But Washington may have other plans.  More

TV's best reality show? The Masters Tournament

What corporate leaders can learn from the golf tourney's air of superiority  More

Brookstone's bankruptcy woes don't mean the mall's dead

The mall in all its 1980s glory may be gone, but "lifestyle centers" are thriving.  More

McKinsey's Matt Rogers on the next industrial revolution

Rogers' new book with Stanford Professor Stefan Heck argues that the business world is fast approaching a shortage of valuable natural resources. Here's what managers need to know.  More

How to fabricate a 'sustainable persona' in business

A new book from Stanley Bing offers a completely make-believe set of rules on how to conduct oneself in business, with some very practical advice.  More

How couples can talk about (gulp!) money

Don't start with numbers. Start with your goals and your fears.  More

A Fortune book spoiler: 10 ways to survive a crisis

Bill Clinton's old fixers have a new paperback on handling PR emergencies. Here's a shameless summary of the key points.  More

About that big, glaring gap in your employment history...

If you've been out of work for a long time, don't try to hide it. Instead, persuade employers that you've kept your skills sharp. Here's how.  More

From tech to tree tops

How retired technology mogul Greg Carr is saving Mozambique's ecosystem and economy simultaneously  More

In praise of small ideas

Big, transformative strategies create buzz, but a new book contends the real money is in the everyday stuff that most companies overlook.  More

Is this the end of college athletic scholarships?

Northwestern's football players won the right to form a union. This could be a watershed moment for labor and college sports.  More

Tenure under fire, law professors fight back

Law school deans' cost-cutting efforts are colliding with decades of strong job protections for professors.  More

Facebook's hypocritical approach to transparency

Mark Zuckerberg feels all too comfortable clamoring for transparency from the federal government. But when it comes to his own company, well, that's a very different story.  More

When retailers compete with...themselves: Walgreens edition

As the drug store chain plans to shutter 76 locations, some of which are very close to other Walgreens locations, it's worth asking, why were these stores opened in the first place?  More

Silicon Valley's single degree of separation

The clubbiness of the tech hub is what makes it work. But what if it's at the expense of the startups?  More

America's under-valued workers

With the growth of freelancers and contract workers, the government needs de-emphasize its focus on full-time jobs  More

Spain takes to the thrift shop

Second-hand stores are among the very few businesses that have grown during Spain's long economic crisis.  More

Why bureaucracy must die

To build organizations that are adaptable at their core, we will need to rework every management process so it enables, rather than frustrates, breakthrough thinking and relentless experimentation.  More

Despite setbacks, tech industry presses on immigration reform

We check in on the cause with the president of the controversial FWD.us lobby, Joe Green.  More

Rahm Emanuel: Given a choice, Americans want cities over burbs  

The Chicago Mayor on his city's revitalization—and changing preferences when it comes to where people want to live.  More

Yearning for leadership

The leaders we need are frequently just not there. So we went in search of them.  More

Against industry headwinds, Martin guitar stays strong

Despite the rising cost of raw materials and a deluge of low-cost competitors, C.F. Martin & Company has managed to retain a reputation as the BMW of the guitar world.  More

How world leaders can get out of the economy's way

In a new book, a foreign policy guru says the global economy is poised to grow -- if politicians will let it.  More

Inside Stanford B-school's startup factory culture

About 95% of Stanford's Graduate School of Business's 809 students opt to take at least one entrepreneurship class. A look at how the school teaches students to start their own businesses.  More

Indoor surf parks aim for big money

The CEO of Body Glove is leading the effort to bring surfing indoors — and maybe to a mall near you.  More

The court case that could really undo Obamacare

D.C. court judges will hear arguments on Tuesday over whether the federal government can offer subsidies to low-income Americans in states that opted out of Obamacare's health insurance exchanges.  More

Leading in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world

Each element poses a unique challenge for any decision-maker. Here's how to lead in hazy, changing times.  More

World's Greatest Leaders: 9 dynamic duos

Leadership is often described as a lonely and solitary pursuit, but that's not always the case.  More

Taiwan: Between democracy and China, and in a hard place

The most recent unrest in Taipei is different, more urgent and suddenly messy. And it all hinges on the island nation's fraught economic relationship with mainland China.  More

Believe it or not, CEO golden parachutes are shrinking

Despite news of the $14 million that ousted Symantec CEO will receive -- and the potential $80 million Time Warner Cable's CEO may walk away with -- so-called golden parachutes may actually be getting smaller. Here's why.  More

The Fortune interview: Tom Brokaw

"America's Dad" on journalism, celebrity, public service, Warren Buffett, David Letterman, and who does the best Brokaw imitation.  More

Hyatt's one-person welcoming committee

Hyatt's new-hire ambassador program extends hospitality to colleagues.  More

Introducing Fortune's first annual Leadership Infamy Awards

From the notorious to the merely hapless, we give some special recognition to 10 decision-makers you probably ought not to follow.  More

Buffett's billion-dollar bracket: We all lost

By the end of the round of 64, there were no remaining perfect brackets in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge.  More

A new, secretive way to apply for a job

With job search apps, you can apply for a position on your smartphone. But should you?  More

George Zimmer speaks on Men's Wearhouse/Jos. A Bank merger

Does George Zimmer like the way this merger looks?  More

Bill Clinton on leadership

The former President distills his wisdom for Fortune.  More

From foreclosures to fighting for homes

How retired corporate attorney Thomas Cox found purpose in his second act helping low-income families fight wrongful foreclosures  More

The perils of moving from the corporate world to a nonprofit

Nonprofits need the skills that businesspeople bring with them, but the transition isn't always smooth. Here's what to look out for.  More

Harvard B-school dips its toe into online education

The school made its first move into the digital educational realm with a $1,500 online program of three fundamental business courses for undergraduates and recent graduates.  More

A marketing pro on how to outgrow your competition

Jim Stengel, once the star marketing boss at P&G, tells how the best companies grow faster than their rivals. First, get the values right.  More

The real problem at eBay

Carl Icahn's issue with the online retailer isn't PayPal, but rather the capability and interests of its leadership and board of directors.  More

Hollywood's 20 greatest fictional leaders

From warzones to end zones, casinos to high school gyms, these fictitious leaders rallied and inspired their troops to beat the odds.  More

The World's 50 Greatest Leaders

In an era that feels starved for leadership, we've found men and women who will inspire you, all of them energizing their followers and making the world better.  More

GM's recall scandal: A scorecard on CEO Mary Barra

So far so good. She's following many of the right principles of crisis management, and there's more work to be done.  More

Medicare put on the brink, yet again

Next week, Congress will be racing against the clock to put a band-aid on an automatic measure that will significantly cut what doctors receive for treating Medicare patients.  More

Putin's folly: Crimea is a money pit

While the way in which Crimea was ripped away from Ukraine was understandably traumatic, the country will be far better off without it in the long run.  More

Sometimes Uncle Sam can actually get it right

Not one, but two parts of the federal government have come up with good ideas. Will wonders never cease?  More

Why women (still) don't get hired for jobs involving math

A new study pinpoints an unconscious bias against female applicants to STEM jobs -- even among other women.  More

Shareholder research firms are not the enemy

Insight Ventures or any purchaser of ISS will need to address the lack of education and outright misinformation about proxy research firms.  More

Quiznos and Potbelly: A tale of two sandwich chains

The two restaurant chains offer nearly identical products: toasted subs made fresh. So how have they ended up on opposite ends of the fast-food food chain?  More

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