30-to-life and pitching a startup

Last Mile, a tech incubator at San Quentin State Prison, allows a select group of inmates to form startup ideas and pitch them to venture capitalists.  More

Here come the robot lawyers

The legal profession is being reshaped by new technologies using software and automation -- call it the invasion of the robot lawyers.  More

$2 billion for Oculus? That's cheap!

Oculus needed Facebook's resources to beat Sony to the punch in virtual reality.  More

Facebook and Google in tech Cold War

Facebook and Google are spending billions of dollars to ensure that they remain relevant in the rapidly changing technology landscape.  More

Google Glass getting a stylish makeover

Google is teaming up with Ray-Ban maker Luxoticca to help it design new Google Glass frames.  More

IRS says Bitcoin is taxable

The IRS says it can tax Bitcoin, describing it as a property -- not a currency.  More

10 things about the Moto 360 smartwatch

Motorola revealed more details on its new wearable device today. Here's what we learned.  More

Tim Cook calls new Apple book 'nonsense'

Tim Cook has hit back at criticism in a new book about Apple in the post-Steve Jobs era.  More

Pandora raises subscription fees

Pandora is doing away with its $36 yearly subscription, opting for monthly fees that amount to $59.88 a year.  More

Google unveils smartwatch plans

A year after releasing Glass, Google is now turning its attention to smartwatches.  More

A 3-D TV you actually would want to buy

3-D televisions have tried and failed to win the living room. The TV industry hopes a shift to a glasses-free technology can solve that.  More

Microsoft launches cheaper Office 365 'Personal'

Microsoft is attempting to make Office cheaper, but is it cheap enough?  More

App lets you speed-read 'Harry Potter' in an hour

Spritz's app claims to help you read at 1,000 words per minute. But it may be at the cost of reading comprehension.  More

Neil Young's music startup raises $1 million

Pono seeks to deliver high-resolution music. Think vinyl records in your pocket. It's a neat -- but niche -- idea.  More

5 predictions for the Web that were WAY off

So long, spam? Nobody will buy books or read news online? The end of government snooping? These are a few of the predictions about the Web that turned out to be very wrong.  More

9 website pioneers

A look back at how Yahoo, IMDb and looked when they launched in the 1990s.  More

Here's why Bitcoin matters

The world is finally paying close attention to Bitcoin. But does its creator matter more than the currency itself? No.  More

Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch thinks a new OS will solve its problems

The Korean giant's latest smartwatch ditches Android in favor if its own Tizen OS.  More

Get ready for 'over-the-top' TV

A cable-like offering without the physical cable pipe increasingly feels inevitable, and Dish's deal with Disney is a big step forward.  More

Obama administration sides against Aereo

The Obama administration has sided with the broadcasters in Aereo's looming Supreme Court battle.  More

Dish and Disney in ad-skipping deal

Dish Network's AutoHop feature, which automatically skips all the commercials on prime time network television shows, has fallen victim to TV industry deal-making.  More

Viva Bitcoin Vegas?

A digital currency investor based in Las Vegas thinks Sin City should be set up as a special economic zone for Bitcoin.  More

Why WhatsApp is worth $19 billion

WhatsApp's $19 billion price tag sent shock waves through the social network world, but it might be worth every penny.  More

How young tech millionaires invest

There's a growing crop of freshly minted millionaires that have made their fortunes in the world of tech. So how do they invest once they find they're rich?  More

Speculators look to cash in on Bitcoin crisis

One of the world's most prominent Bitcoin exchanges is in turmoil, but for some savvy investors, the crisis offers what they believe is a license to print money.  More

3-D printing 'ink' is way too expensive

The filament materials required for 3-D printing have always been costly, but that should start to change soon.  More

Google Fiber may be coming to city near you

Google is exploring plans to spread ultra-fast Internet via Google Fiber to Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, San Jose and five other major metropolitan areas across the country.  More

The end of video game disks

The explosion of casual and free-to-play games on mobile devices is transforming the video game CD business.  More

Netflix faces 'House of Cards' backlash

Netflix faces 'House of Cards' backlash as viewers call for early release of the new season because of the latest snow storm.  More

Virgin Galactic space flights set for this year

Virgin Galactic is set to offer commercial flights into space by the second half of 2014.  More

Get your documents by drone... in Dubai

The Gulf state is planning to use drones to deliver official documents to residents and to monitor traffic on the roads.  More

Lose weight with an app and a webcam

Weight loss apps like Wello and Passion4Profession help you workout without a gym membership.  More

GoldieBlox ad makes Super Bowl history

GoldieBlox, whose toys aim to get girls excited about science and engineering, wins Intuit contest for a free 30-sec Super Bowl ad.  More

Gun safety advocates develop smart weapons

Smart guns and locks are the focus of this year's Smart Tech Challenges Foundation competition.  More

Flipagram photo app tops the charts

The Flipagram photo app is gaining serious steam, downloaded more than any other app on iTunes.  More

New 3D printing fund may not print money

A new mutual fund is betting that 3D printing will usher in a new industrial revolution. But the manager has never run a mutual fund before. The fund looks way too risky.  More

Verizon bets on the future of television

Verizon's purchase of Intel's OnCue television service foreshadows a day when a paying television subscriber will be able to watch any channel on any device, whenever and wherever they want.  More

The business behind Ezra Klein's 'Project X'

To better understand the thinking behind Ezra Klein's new venture, Brian Stelter reached out to Vox CEO Jim Bankoff.  More

A look at Snapchat's porn bot

Snapchat has a spam problem that could send pictures of naked women to your phone.  Play

Google's plot to take over your digital life

Google's purchase of Netst is just the latest step in its plot to take over your digital life.  More

Google to make smart contact lenses

Google is developing smart contact lenses that will measure diabetics' blood glucose levels.  More

IBM unveils plans for Watson supercomputer

Watson trounced the humans on Jeopardy. Now IBM is hoping to find ways to make money from the supercomputer.  More

New York Times redesign points to future of online publishing

The new design is generating much interest, both for what it says about The Times and about the future of online publishing.  More

SolarCity wants you to buy its debt

Solar panel company SolarCity, whose chairman is Tesla CEO Elon Musk, plans to sell debt to individuals online. Should you be energized?  More

Zuckerberg rarely says the word 'privacy'

An analysis of what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said publicly shows that he likes to talk about people. But privacy? Not so much.  More

Intel touts gesture tracking 3D cameras

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, it is cameras, and not chips, that are the latest crack at innovation for Intel.  More

Want to chat in 29 languages?

Droid Translator is a new app that promises to translate your phone, text and video conversations into 29 different languages.  More

The smart home is a pipe dream

At CES, connected home technology will once again be on display. Don't expect it to take over your home anytime soon.  More

25 apps you should download right now

If you're setting up a new phone or tablet, these 25 apps are essential  More

Nissan takes aim at London taxi market

Japan's Nissan is fighting for a foothold in London's taxi market, pitting a redesigned vehicle against the distinctive black cab now made by a Chinese company.  More

Military competition shows off the latest robots

The world caught its first glimpse of futuristic, human-like robots this week at a U.S. military competition.  More

5 robots you can buy right now

We're still in the early days of the robot era, but there are a few you can own right now.  More

Online retailer Overstock to accept Bitcoin

The online retailer plans to begin accepting the virtual currency next year, according to Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne.  More

Google moves into military robotics

Google has just acquired Boston Dynamics, an engineering company known for developing super-speedy, animal-like robots with strong ties to the U.S. military.  More

Startup founders get 'prenups' for billion dollar breakups

Some startup founders are hiring lawyers at the outset to prevent billion dollar lawsuits.  More

Teen millionaire is loving Yahoo

Yahoo is rediscovering its magic and one of the people behind the revival is Nick D'Aloisio, the British teenager who sold his start-up to the company for a reported $30 million.  More

Bluetooth may make digital wallets mainstream

There have been plenty of near misses when it comes to digital wallet solutions. Bluetooth 4.0 could be the glue to make one stick.  More

How much market risk are you willing to take?

Riskalyze helps zero in on how much volatility investors are willing to stomach through a math-based approach. Financial advisors love it.  More

Light bulb ban set to take effect

New rules mean that traditional 40 and 60-watt incandescent bulbs won't be made after the start of the year, despite efforts by Tea Party types to thwart the law.  More

Jeff Bezos isn't the next Steve Jobs

Amazon's CEO has drawn comparisons to the late, great Steve Jobs, but his style is truly his own  More

Gogo flying high but turbulence ahead

The stock of Gogo, an in-flight wireless provider, has jumped sharply in recent trading but some think the rally will soon cool.  More

7 crazy drone concepts

In the near-future, drones could be delivering your packages, pizza and even your tea bag to the kitchen.  More

Sony files patent for a "SmartWig"

The "SmartWig" is possibly the most bizarre wearable technology idea yet, with Sony explaining the device could be used to detect blood pressure and brain waves.  More

Nasdaq hits 4,000, but no tech bubble here

Market analysts say this run-up is nothing like the bubble of 13 years ago.  More

Bitcoin worth almost as much as gold

The virtual currency has surged from about $13 in January to a high of $1.242 on Friday. Meanwhile, gold prices have tumbled to about $1,250 an ounce as investors look for more risky assets.  More

Big tech scrambles for Israeli firms

Technology companies are on a shopping spree in Israel, spending billions on ever larger deals and fueling the country's startup success story.  More

Digital credit card Coin adds new features after post-launch criticism

New startup Coin got loads of fundraising money and hype after its launch last week, but the company also faced concerns about issues including security.  More

Hot startup Coin has 3 big problems

Coin's splashy launch grabbed lots of press -- but the digital credit card has several big issues that could keep it from being a mainstream success.  More

Sony RX100 is the best point-and-shoot camera

The Sony RX100's combination of powerful performance and small size is hard to resist.  More

Xbox One: A $499 PC for your living room

Microsoft is making a bold statement with its new Xbox One console. This is not just something to play games on. It's a PC for your living room.  More

NFL and MLB: Aereo may kill sports on free TV

The NFL and Major League Baseball back the TV networks in the legal fight against Aereo. They even said they may have to switch games to paid cable if Aereo survives.  More

A virtual shop for indie comic creators

ComiXology's Submit platform allows independent comic creators to sell their work on virtual shelves next to Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman.  Play

Meet the $1M bionic man

A research project to join prosthetics and artificial organs together resulted in a functioning artificial person.  Play

Bitcoin prices top $1,000

The virtual currency has surged from about $13 in January to more than $1,000 on Wednesday. Although Bitcoin may be gaining in popularity, it still looks like a very speculative investment.  More

iCar? Analyst says Apple should buy Tesla

In the latest open letter to Apple, Berenberg analyst Andaan Ahmad argues the company should buy electric carmaker Tesla to secure its long-term future.  More

Starbucks offers Twitter gift cards

Starbucks could be first major retailer to offer Tweetable gift cards  More

Rdio is the best streaming music service

Rdio's streaming music service is easier to use and more social than Spotify.  More

Up close with a mind-controlled robot

McGill-educated engineer Carlos Asmat demonstrates his mind-controlled robot at this year's Maker Faire in New York.  Play

Your computer camera could be watching you

Vulnerabilities in cameras connected to the Internet and in wireless routers could enable hackers to watch you in your living room. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

The first bookless library: BiblioTech offers only e-books

BiblioTech ebook library, in addition to its catalog of 10,000 e-books, also provides a digital lifeline to a low-income neighborhood that sorely needs it.  More

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader ever

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader, earning a spot in CNNMoney's Best In Tech.  More

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch just doesn't cut it

Samsung's Smartwatch does what it says it will, but that ultimately isn't much.  More

Robot bartender mixes it up

Monsieur - the 'robotic bartender' - is an Android powered device that mixes quality cocktails at the swipe of a screen.  Play

Airbnb wins legal victory in New York City

Airbnb earned a legal victory in New York City this week with the reversal of a fine issued after a user of the service rented out part of his East Village apartment last year.  More

Post-It Notes go digital with Evernote

A new partnership with the Evernote app brings Post-Its into consumers' mobile devices.  More

Meet Calico, Google's mysterious new health and aging project

Google launched Calico, "a new company focused on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases."  More

Apple's innovation problem is real

Rivals have caught up in smartphones and tablets. Apple may not need to jump on every new tech trend. But Siri could be the key to making Apple the king of the connected home.  More

Madden: The $4 billion video game franchise

Madden 25 is the latest edition of Electronic Arts blockbuster NFL video game franchise.  More

Mark Zuckerberg's '5 billion' dream - it won't be easy

Mark Zuckerberg's plan to connect the "next 5 billion" is noble but ambitious.  More

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch coming Sept. 25

Smartwatches are the hottest trend in tech, and Samsung is jumping into the market with the new Galaxy Gear.  More

6 stunning undersea hotels

Hoteliers around the world have planned luxury accommodations in the deep. A few modest underwater hotels already exist, but some of the most ambitious attempts may not make it past the blueprint stage.  More

Foursquare deal could be a goldmine for Yahoo

A deal could provide Yahoo data that has the ability to improve various products in its vast portfolio, and it would give Foursquare a huge financial opportunity.  More

Where police wear cameras on their uniforms

In the wake of New York City's 'stop and frisk' ruling, we visited the city of Rialto, Calif. where the police clip on cameras to record all their interactions with the public.  Play

iPod music triggers patients' lost memory

Non-profit Music & Memory has found that creating a personalized music playlist can trigger memories for people suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia.  Play

Vibrating shoes to keep elderly upright

Researchers in Boston have developed vibrating insoles to help the elderly stay balanced.  Play

'Call of Duty Ghosts': Activision's next billion dollar video game

Activision's new 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' video game is expected to produce revenue of more than $1 billion.  More

Drones can change the fight against wildfires

As wildfires grow in number and size, drones could drastically change the nature of the fight.  More

Fake organs could replace lab animals

'Organs on chips' developed by researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute may one day be used to replace lab animals -- and accelerate drug testing.  Play

Microsoft's 45-inch touchscreen costs $150

Microsoft accelerated Ubi Interactive's Kinect technology, which makes any surface a touchscreen.  More

'Spleen on a chip' removes blood viruses

Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have developed an artificial spleen that could be used to remove viruses and other toxins from the blood.  Play

Apple's store headache

Apple retail employees file lawsuit over unpaid wages, and the company remains leaderless.  More

View from the world's second tallest tower

When completed, the Shanghai Tower will become China's tallest skyscraper, rising over 2,000 feet in the air. But if history repeats itself, that title could come with a financial crisis lurking around the corner.  Play

How Graph Search changes your Facebook

Facebook expands its latest feature. Here's what you should know about how it wiil impact your privacy settings. Laurie Segall reports  Play

Fight AIDS with your smartphone

Android users can donate computing power from their phone to scientists.  More

Infinite storage for $100, but there's a catch

Bitcasa offers the best value than with it comes to sheer storage space, but you'll have to accept less functionality in return.  More
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