For travelers, T-Mobile's free international roaming is reason enough to switch

T-Mobile's international roaming for globetrotters is slow, but it's cheap and functional.  More

Smartphones are history. This is next

The high of the smartphone and tablet revolution is wearing off and consumers and the tech industry need a fix.  More

Apple introduces cheaper iPhone 5C

Apple unveiled an 8 GB iPhone 5C and announced the return of the fourth-generation iPad, killing off the iPad 2.  More

Candy Crush mania coming to Wall Street

Investors have been gobbling up IPOs this year. This week, Candy Crush Saga maker King Digital Entertainment will go public, along with 13 other companies.  More

Microsoft stock up 4%, hits 14-year high

Microsoft is finally back to where it was when the tech bubble burst. Its stock reached its highest level since March 2000 as investors bet on a Office for the iPad announcement.  More

WhatsApp: Facebook won't change our values

WhatsApp knows little about its users, compared to Facebook.  More

Microsoft's next big headache: The Google Chromebook

In a stagnant PC market, the Google-powered Chromebooks have managed to find some traction.  More

Chart: Six years after iPhone, data revenue overtook voice

Note the entry for 2007: "iPhone launches, the world changes."  More

AT&T cuts prices again

AT&T cut prices again, as T-Mobile raised its fees. But in order to benefit, AT&T customers need their own their phone or to buy one at full price.  More

Starbucks' app to allow barista tips

Starbucks will finally make it easier for non-cash customers to tip their baristas using their smartphones.  More

Wal-Mart slashes iPhone prices

Wal-Mart announced price cuts Wednesday for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple's 16-gigabyte iPhone 5s and 5c.  More

Tencent takes fight to e-commerce giant Alibaba

Tencent is linking up with China's second biggest online retailer to challenge Alibaba in the booming Internet shopping market.  More

Apple's CarPlay draws safety criticism

Apple's new "CarPlay" system, which allows drivers to use iPhones behind the wheel, is raising concerns among auto safety experts.  More

Mobile apps overtake PC Web usage in U.S.

For the first time ever, Americans spent more of their time online last month using mobile apps than PC's.  More

Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar tweet count: Android 5, Apple 4

The big one -- the world's most-retweeted post -- was shot with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  More

BlackBerry unveils new Q20 phone

BlackBerry unveiled a new smartphone Tuesday featuring a 3.5-inch touchscreen as well as the physical QWERTY keyboard and trackpad  More

First review of the Samsung Galaxy 5

Samsung's latest flagship device is lighter on the gimmicks this time around.  More

China's big tech moves onto banks' turf

Chinese tech companies are taking billions in deposits and offering blockbuster returns, a trend that threatens to upend the banking system.  More

Samsung launches Galaxy S5 smartphone

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung brought its flagship device out from under wraps  More

Nokia unveils first Android phones

Despite its pending sale to Microsoft, Finnish phone maker Nokia is giving Google's OS a try  More

Weibo IPO would be a turning point for Sina

Sina Corp. executives ignored the elephant in the room during an hour-long investors' call Tuesday -- keeping mum about a potential spinoff for Weibo,  More

Apple issues fix for security risk

Left unfixed, hackers could potentially read private communications sent over Apple devices, including emails, instant messages and even online bank transactions.  More

Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch thinks a new OS will solve its problems

The Korean giant's latest smartwatch ditches Android in favor if its own Tizen OS.  More

T-Mobile razzed for dissing Blackberry

T-Mobile's bold marketing strategy has ticked off BlackBerry customers.  More

Verizon juices cell phone plans

Verizon offers more data, storage and other upgrades free of charge as mobile service war heats up.  More

5 ways to fix the Samsung Galaxy S

It's time for Samsung treat the Galaxy S like the most important Android phone.  More

The 8 best news reading apps

Facebook's Paper is just the latest in a crop of news reader apps to hit smartphones. Curious about the rest? Here's what you need to know.  More

Maker of Candy Crush files for IPO

King Digital Entertainment, maker of Candy Crush Saga and other popular free video games, files for an initial public offering.  More

Can Uber move the Asia market?

Uber is coming online in three of China's largest cities as the taxi app tries to capture new markets in Asia.  More

China's red hot phone market is cooling

After years of blockbuster growth, the world's biggest smartphone market is showing the first sign of cooling since early 2011.  More

Lenovo sales hit $10.8 billion as company eyes smartphone biz

Lenovo posted record sales of $10.8 billion today, and emphasized its plans to expand aggressively in China -- the world's biggest smartphone market.  More

Apple's iPhone loses the New York Times' selfie smackdown

None of the leading smartphones are optimized for the hottest shot of all.

Choosing the cheapest cell phone plan is a headache

Finding the cell phone plan that offers the best value is enough to give even the savviest cell phone customer a migraine.  More

5 questions Twitter must answer

Twitter has a lot to prove when it reports fourth-quarter 'earnings' Wednesday afternoon.  More

Google search results changing in Europe

Google's search results in Europe will look very different after the company agreed to changes that should settle a long-running antitrust case.  More

Slower smartphone growth hits ARM shares

Shares in ARM Holdings fell by roughly 5% Tuesday as slower growth in smartphone sales led to weaker-than-expected demand for its chips last quarter.  More

With Motorola gone, Google can focus on fixing Android

Google's sold Motorola in part because it doesn't actually need to make smartphones anymore.  More

Investors take dim view of Lenovo's spending spree

Lenovo shares plummeted more than 15% on Tuesday as investors expressed displeasure with the company's recent shopping spree.  More

AT&T cuts wireless prices

AT&T announced new price cuts for family plans and offered additional discounts for new customers.  More

No Terrible Twos for Facebook stock

Facebook will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary. It's less than 2 years old as a publicly traded company, but Wall Street doesn't think there are any growing pains.  More

8 Motorola inventions: The first cell phone to the Moto X

Motorola's creations stretch from a pioneering walkie-talkie to the first cell phone.  More

Why Lenovo was hot for Motorola

Lenovo just plunked down $2.9 billion for Motorola Mobility and the chance to transform itself into one of the world's top smartphone makers.  More

Google to sell Motorola Mobility unit to Lenovo

Google announced that it was selling its Motorola Mobility to China-based Lenovo for $2.91billion, giving up on a business it purchased for $12.5 billion back in 2012.  More

Oops! Pentagon didn't actually order 80,000 new BlackBerries

Smartphone maker BlackBerry didn't sell 80,000 new phones to the Pentagon, but the sale of most of its Canadian real estate holdings will help its finances.  More

Are investors giving up on Apple?

Many individual investors had been betting on an Apple comeback this year. But that may be changing following disappointing iPhone sales and guidance.  More

Nokia's Lumia sales slump

Troubled mobile phone maker Nokia posted a sharp drop in sales as consumers continued to opt for rival devices.  More

Chitika: Apple's North American tablet traffic share holds near 80%

Samsung grew its share 56% from last year, Microsoft by 325%. But still.  More

Verizon swings to profit

Verizon posted solid growth in fourth quarter as battle heats up with T-Mobile.  More

Samsung's strategy is failing

Samsung's smartphones once succeeded on hardware performance alone, but those days are over.  More

T-Mobile will pay you $650 to switch over

T-Mobile revealed it added 4 million customers in 2013, then offered new customers $650 to ditch their current contracts.  More

NPD: Better than 4 in 10 adult Americans now own an iPhone

That's up 35% a year ago. Samsung ownership (not sales) grew to 26% from 22%.  More

Crowds rush Apple's Chinese stores for 'Red Friday' discounts

"It's like a refugee camp!" wrote Jason Ng, who tweeted a photo from Hong Kong.  More

New BlackBerry CEO may have golden touch

John Chen has impressed Wall Street with an optimistic but realistic tone and a back-to-basics approach for BlackBerry. The stock has surged so far in 2014.  More

China Mobile kicks off Apple iPhone bonanza

Apple began selling the iPhone on Friday through China Mobile, the world's largest carrier.  More

WWE launches its own streaming network

WWE shows are usually shown on cable TV and through pricey pay-per-view events. But the wrestling giant is looking to change that with its own new streaming video network.  More

Tesla and Audi to become AT&T cars

Audi and Tesla have teamed up with AT&T to turn their automobiles into connected cars.  More

T-Mobile CEO crashes AT&T's party, gets kicked out

T-Mobile CEO John Legere crashed AT&T's private concert in Las Vegas.  More

BlackBerry sues Ryan Seacrest startup Typo

The Typo Keyboard, co-founded by Ryan Seacrest of 'American Idol' fame, is slated to come out later this month. But BlackBerry said Typo, which snaps on to iPhones, infringes on its patents.  More

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launches new app

Biz Stone is hoping to take social search into the mainstream with the new app Jelly.  More

AT&T offers T-Mobile customers $450 to switch

AT&T is reaching out to T-Mobile customers and offering them up to $450 to switch to Ma Bell.  More

Samsung to report profit decline as phone sales lag

Samsung is on track to report lower operating profit for the first time in more than two years.  More

25 apps you should download right now

If you're setting up a new phone or tablet, these 25 apps are essential  More

Want to chat in 29 languages?

Droid Translator is a new app that promises to translate your phone, text and video conversations into 29 different languages.  More

U.S. airlines want to stay cell phone free

While FCC weighs rules that would allow inflight cell phone use, U.S. airlines are not moving to change their own rules - or equipment - to enable cell phone calls.  More

Apple still has a China problem

Apple's China Mobile deal doesn't change the fact that Apple has a steep hill to climb to win over Chinese smartphone customers.  More

California to introduce first 'smartphone killswitch' bill

Lawmakers in San Francisco and New York had already asked smartphone makers to install "killswitch" technology that would render a stolen device useless.  More

New BlackBerry CEO optimistic despite loss

BlackBerry reported a big loss and plunge in sales. But BlackBerry's cash position grew and it inked a strategic partnership with Foxconn. Shares rose due to optimism from interim CEO John Chen.  More

Uber 'price gouging' complaints are silly

Uber's surge pricing model sent luxury cab fares up by as much as eight times the normal rate this weekend. But that's simple economics.  More

Facebook launches video ads

Facebook is rolling out a feature Tuesday that will allow advertisers to play videos in users' news feeds.  More

What your wireless carrier knows about you

Your cell phone service provider knows where you are, what you like and just about everything else. Verizon and others are selling that data to third parties.  More

New Qualcomm CEO won't make Microsoft happy

Qualcomm promoted Steve Mollenkopf to CEO Friday, less than a day after a report suggested he was a contender to succeed Steve Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft.  More

Instagram launches direct messaging

Instagram's new Instagram Direct feature is a direct messaging platform for photos.  More

Uber: From taxis to deliveries on demand

Uber may soon start offering on-demand delivery services in cities around the world, after experimenting with delivering kittens, ice cream and Christmas trees.  More

Spotify announces free mobile streaming

Spotify's new free music streaming service will give smartphone and tablet users the ability to shuffle songs without paying for the premium service.  More

Teen millionaire is loving Yahoo

Yahoo is rediscovering its magic and one of the people behind the revival is Nick D'Aloisio, the British teenager who sold his start-up to the company for a reported $30 million.  More

Bluetooth may make digital wallets mainstream

There have been plenty of near misses when it comes to digital wallet solutions. Bluetooth 4.0 could be the glue to make one stick.  More

Sony files patent for a "SmartWig"

The "SmartWig" is possibly the most bizarre wearable technology idea yet, with Sony explaining the device could be used to detect blood pressure and brain waves.  More

Chart of the day: Christmas cybershopping, Apple style

In 4 days of holiday shopping, 83% of mobile sales were made via iOS, 17% via Android.  More

By the numbers: How Foxconn churns out Apple's iPhone 5S

300,000 workers working 24/7 deliver 500,000 devices per day.  More

Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple another $290 million

The Apple v. Samsung patent fight has taken a serpentine path, and yet another ruling has come down in the landmark case.  More

Video: The day Delhi went nuts for the iPhone 5S and 5C

Who says Apple priced itself out of the Indian smartphone market?  More

Twitter needs an Asian strategy

Mobile ad sales in Asia are bigger than in the United States. That's why Twitter must expand into Asia soon -- especially China.  More

Apple spends way less than Microsoft on R&D

When it comes to spending on research and development, the iThing maker barely cracks the European Union's top 50 list.  More

Candy Crush maker looks beyond mega hit

Candy Crush has been downloaded half a billion times since it became available on mobile devices 12 months ago, but game creator King is not resting on its laurels.  More

Relaxing gadget rules on European flights

The top aviation regulator in Europe will soon allow airline passengers to use their smartphones, tablets and e-books during take-off and landing, echoing changes in the U.S.  More

Interim BlackBerry CEO could get $87 million

Trying to turn around BlackBerry is no easy feat, but interim CEO John Chen could score a huge payday if his efforts succeed.  More

Hot startup Coin has 3 big problems

Coin's splashy launch grabbed lots of press -- but the digital credit card has several big issues that could keep it from being a mainstream success.  More

What is Snapchat?

A quick look at the company that reportedly turned down $3 billion from Facebook  More

Microsoft's Surface 2 still falls short

Microsoft has made substantial improvements to the Surface 2, but it still isn't enough to make it a great tablet.  More

Kindle Fire HDX: Only for Amazon diehards

For better or worse, Amazon's excellent hardware revolves around Amazon. So the Kindle Fire HDX may not be the best tablet for Android fans.  More

What it costs to make the iPad Air

Breaking down Apple's 32GB tablet into its parts reveals the true cost and profit of the $729 iPad Air.  Play

Where BlackBerry's ousted CEO went wrong

BlackBerry's ousted CEO Thorsten Heins tried to replicate Apple and Google's consumer success, rather than focus on the company's core customers.  More

A virtual shop for indie comic creators

ComiXology's Submit platform allows independent comic creators to sell their work on virtual shelves next to Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman.  Play

The iPad Air in NYC: Apple's quietest launch yet

We counted 419 customers, 50% of 2012's iPad mini launch, 35% of 2011's iPad 2  More
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