800,000 baby monitor batteries recalled

The battery in the handheld video monitor can overheat and rupture, posing a burn hazard to consumers.  More

Supreme court quizzes Aereo: Do TV streams break the law?

Upstart Aereo goes before Supreme Court justices in challenge by broadcasters who say TV streaming services violates copyrights.  More

With HBO deal, Amazon Fire TV gains an edge

Streaming agreement gives set-top box a significant advantage over its competitors.  More

What's an Instagram or Pinterest picture really worth?

The tech startup Piqora raises $7.7 million to help marketers find out.  More

HBO shows coming to Amazon ... not Netflix

If you still haven't seen 'The Sopranos' or 'The Wire,' you will soon be able to stream episodes of these and other older HBO hits on Amazon Prime. Is the Amazon-HBO deal a blow to Netflix?  More

With 24 million students, Codecademy revamps its offerings

Learn-to-code site optimizes for the Web rather than recreating offline learning.  More

Why MLB became a video game developer

With the release of RBI Baseball '14, MLB became the first sports league to develop its own major video game.  Play

All eyes on Apple Inc.

With today's earnings expected to be ho-hum, does Apple have a surprise up its sleeve?  More

Grand tour of the Apple retail palaces of Europe: Amsterdam

Dutch royalty once shopped in the century-old fashion house where Apple now sells iPads.  More

Aereo fights for its life in Supreme Court

Here's a taste of the arguments made by Aereo and the network television broadcasters after the Supreme Court heard both sides.  Play

Grandfather launches smart gun push after Sandy Hook shooting

The grandfather of 6-year old Sandy Hook shooting victim Ben Wheeler has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance an idea he hopes will make guns safer.  More

AT&T, Chernin set sights on streaming video

With $500 million, the companies will seek to invest in video-on-demand channels and streaming video services.  More

Supreme Court justices skeptical of Aereo, but wary of killing it

At oral arguments over the legality of the service, which streams live broadcast TV to smartphones, the Court seemed fearful of hampering other cloud-service businesses.  More

Review: Loop mobile wallet

The system uses novel magnetic technology to imitate your debit, credit, and loyalty cards.  More

Meet four kings of Alibaba's online retail empire

Alibaba's shopping sites account for 80% of online retail in China. Meet four successful merchants.  More

Why Alibaba's IPO matters

Alibaba's IPO is expected to bring a huge windfall for both the company and Yahoo, which has a stake in the company.  Play

You could soon use bitcoin to support political campaigns

The Federal Election Commission on Wednesday will consider approving the use of bitcoin for political campaign contributions.  More

9 cybersecurity threats that companies need to monitor

App attacks, crimeware, skimmers, and other cybersecurity concerns for enterprise executives, per a new report.  More

Airbnb fights legal battles for survival

The popular home rental website's legal battle in New York City is just another example of a new technology disrupting an industry and the laws built around it.  Play

U.S. should block Comcast-Time Warner merger

A merger may not raise prices in the short term but could hamper future competition.  More

Case could change how you watch TV

Upstart Aereo says it has found a way to give consumers easier access to local broadcast TV for $8 a month. Broadcasters say Aereo is stealing copyrighted programs.  More

Inside the Aereo antenna farm

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia says the boards of antennas should be the broadcasters' 'best friend' as he explains how his company brings television to the internet.  Play

Can this digital camera reinvent the SLR?

Meet Illum, the second camera from the groundbreaking company Lytro.  More

Are Pinterest ads worth the price?

A new study argues the social network's first ads may be worth their hefty price tag.  More

Muted expectations for Apple's earnings

The average forecast of 40 analysts: Earnings up 2.4% year over year, revenue down 0.2%.  More

10 Questions: Jeremy Allaire, founder and CEO, Circle

On having vision, Bitcoin's challenges, and "following your bliss."  More

What the heck is Aereo, anyway?

Aereo is an innovative way to watch and record shows on local television stations. But is it legal?  More

Move over Facebook, Alibaba's mega IPO is coming

Chinese tech company Alibaba is readying for an IPO that could be the biggest ever for a tech firm, trouncing even Facebook.  More

Is Airbnb's latest setback bad for the sharing economy?

Negative news may be little more than a bump in the road for a $10 billion startup.  More

Netflix to increase subscription prices

The streaming video company said Monday that it planned to increase subscription prices for new customers by one or two dollars a month within the next few months.  More

IBM's Watson now tackling health care

The Jeopardy champ supercomputer is now being used to solve health care problems.  Play

How green is Apple?

Tim Cook responds to criticism from environmentalists with a video message of his own.  More

Corporate therapy for Silicon Valley

Execs at Twitter, eBay, and Dropbox have Richard Hagberg to thank shaping them up.  More

Extreme password hackers keep themselves safe

Security experts weigh in on the software bug that impacted a majority of web users.  More

What happens if broadcasters lose the Aereo case?

Ahead of Tuesday's Supreme Court hearing on the legality of Aereo, experts weigh in on the so-called nuclear option.  More

Handicapping Apple's quarterly earnings and revenue: Q2 2014

Average estimate: $10.32 per share on sales of $43.5B. Apple's guidance: $42 to $44B.  More

Why the Supreme Court might pull the plug on Aereo

On Tuesday the Court will hear arguments on the legality of the disruptive wireless technology that brings broadcast TV to smartphones.  More

Exclusive: Birchbox banks $60 million

The Series B round values the beauty e-commerce company at $485 million.  More

Satya Nadella needs more to fix Microsoft

Office for iPad move is a symbolic victory for Nadella's Microsoft, but the company is still weighed down by many of the same old issues.  More

The market for marketing software is accelerating rapidly

Revenue for marketing automation software is set to triple by 2020 -- and it's a fight for supremacy between Marketo, Eloqua and Silverpop.  More

VC investment hits a 13-year high

Venture capitalists invested $9.5 billion last quarter, the highest total since the dotcom doom's waning days.  More, a site to help people find jobs, takes off in India

The Bangalore-based mobile job posting startup started by Microsoft Research veteran Sean Blagsvedt wants to pull Indians out of poverty.  More

Pop-up shops are becoming more permanent

In brand strategy, short-term retail may not be so temporary after all.  More

Can Zoosk be the Netflix for online dating?

Zoosk, an independent online dating service that filed for IPO this week, seeks to cover all the bases with its wide array of features. For users, that may be a bit too much.  More

3 best podcast apps for easy listening

Whether you're new to listening to podcasts, addicted to them or just want something simple and easy to use, we've reviewed the best of the new breed.  More

How hackers beat the Heartbleed bug

Hackers share their tips for how to keep your data secure when browsing the internet.  Play

Brian Krebs demystifies today's hacker

Cyber security expert and blogger Brian Krebs says the kind of hackers responsible for the Target theft are generally higher-educated Eastern Europeans and describes how the global cybercrime ring works.  Play

How many iPads did Apple sell last quarter?

Second most important source of revenue is holding steady at roughly 20% of total sales.  More

Memo to tech startups: If you want money, raise it now

The frothy fundraising market may dry up soon.  More

Weibo Chairman on IPO: 'We're here for the long term'

The Chinese social networking startup priced low but traded up.  More

This digital marketing startup is growing rapidly

Outside Philadelphia, the digital marketing company Monetate has grown from two employees to 220 in just six years.  More

Google stock sinks as mobile struggles continue

The company continues to struggle with convincing marketers to pay as much for mobile ads as they do for desktop ads.  More

Cheating apps, websites flourish in France

The Internet has reduced the burden to start a business -- including for those that help people cheat in relationships.  More

Primary care startup One Medical raises $40 million, plans more clinics

With luxury offices and extra time and communication with doctors, One Medical Group is triaging patient care, one pain point at a time.  More

Nadella: Microsoft needs a 'data culture'

In anticipation of walking the walk, Satya Nadella has begun talking the talk.  More

How many iPhones did Apple sell last quarter?

The analysts' estimates range from 34 million to nearly 43 million. Average: 38.2 million.  More

Google's ad prices are down. So what?

Despite alarmist coverage following its earnings miss, this tech giant is doing just fine.  More

Neil Young goes for high-quality music with Pono

"Every time I listened to my music on an MP3 player, I had to turn it off."  More

The hybrid electronic bike of the future

The Copenhagen Wheel, funded by Tumblr founder David Karp, is a smartphone controlled motor for your bike. Laurie Segall reports.  Play

10 Questions: Marcus Nelson, co-founder and CEO, Addvocate

On making little bets, reinventing the mundane, and asking others for help.  More

Ousted Yahoo exec gets $58 million golden parachute

Former chief operating officer Henrique de Castro left Yahoo with an severance package worth $58 million.  More

Social data as a business is dead. Long live big data services

Recent acquisitions by Twitter and Apple are changing the game for big data startups focused on social media.  More

Yahoo surges following first-quarter results

Yahoo is still in the midst of its turnaround, but investors liked what they saw in the company's first-quarter results.  More

Apple-endorsed racing game Anki Drive revs up with new cars, tracks

Artificial intelligence-driven startup unveils first hardware refresh since launch.  More

At Macy's, lessons from Walmart's failed RFID attempt

Walmart's bold plan to plaster its supply chain with RFID bombed -- but a new "barcode on steroids" might just be a retail savior.  More

10 Questions: Vikas Gupta, co-founder and CEO, Play-i

On teaching children how to program, being comfortable with uncertainty, and the challenges of growth.  More

Level Money wants you to think before you spend

A new service tackles budgeting for millennials by emphasizing the view ahead (and not the one in the rearview).  More

Yahoo surges following first-quarter results

Yahoo is still in the midst of its turnaround, but investors liked what they saw in the company's first-quarter results.  More

Review: Samsung Galaxy S5

Does the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone keep its promises? In our review, we find out.  More

Automattic seeking to raise more than $100 million

The round will value the company behind at north of $1 billion.  More

Should Google know your deepest secrets?

With Google Glass on sale today, it's time to have serious talks about technology and privacy.  More

Why Google and Facebook are drooling over drone companies

Interest in Titan Aerospace and others is not just about the "next billion" Internet users.  More

Twitter plays defense with deal for Gnip

Deal follows Apple's acquisition of Topsy, one of just four Twitter data resellers.  More

Drone sub searching for Flight 370

Take an exclusive look at the Bluefin-21 autonomous submarine that's searching for plane debris in the Indian Ocean.  Play

Is my data safe?

Computer security expert Bruce Schneier flags the biggest online data security dangers that you face.  More

Digital financial advisers bulk up

Funding comes on the heels of competitor Wealthfront raising $35 million.  More

When Twitter first met Facebook

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on why he turned down Facebook's $500M offer and why entrepreneurs aren't heroes.  Play

Brian Stelter on CNN's new TV app

CNN's senior media correspondent gives his take on his own network's latest offering.  More

In China, a momentary pause for tech purchases

As subsidies end, the market for consumer electronics in China is slipping. But it won't stay back for long.  More

Why Google bought a drone company

Google acquires drone maker Titan Aerospace, and like Facebook, hopes the technology will help deliver cheap and easy Internet access in the future.  Play

How companies are using wearables in the workplace

Companies want to ensure that employees keep active and sleep well. Wearable technology may be the answer.  More

Netflix speeds surge for Comcast users following connection deal

Streaming speeds for Comcast users jumped nearly 50% last month after Netflix reluctantly agreed to pay up for a direct connection to Comcast's network.  More

What's next for Dropbox?

The file-syncing startup has launched a suite of new tools designed to capture a greater share of your online life.  More

Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace

Titan makes high-altitude, solar-powered drones that Google hopes to use to help deliver Internet service.  More

Mozilla names interim CEO after gay-marriage controversy

Chris Beard, a Mozilla veteran, will lead the software non-profit as its searches for a long-term CEO.  More

7 businesses Amazon wants to shake up

From industrial supplies to educational software, Amazon is about more than just retail and books.  More

Manicube raises $5 million for in-office 'beauty chores'

Startup offers manicures and pedicures to working women in their offices  More

Is this tiny gadget the future of smoking?

Berkeley-based tech company Ploom wants to reinvent smoking for the 21st century -- and not just for tobacco.  More

Time is running out for Box competitors

The clock is ticking for enterprise file-sharing companies after their brightest star, Box, filed for an IPO.  More

Sony, Microsoft turn to game titles as console launch buzz fades

The next generation of video game consoles has exceeded expectations, but the platforms face challenges to keep up the momentum.  More

Inside the Shapeways 3D printing factory

Fortune visits Shapeways' New York factory to check in on the three-dimensional printing revolution.  More

Massachusetts' clever immigration reform workaround

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick unveiled a novel plan that aims to let foreign-born, U.S.-educated entrepreneurs stay in the country. Here's how it works.  More

How Zuck met Oculus: The story behind Facebook's big bet on virtual reality

CEO Brendan Iribe recounts the steps leading up to the $2 billion deal.  More

2014: The year of the mega breach

As the Heartbleed bug wreaks havoc on the Internet, cybercrime investigator Brian Krebs talks about how identity theft is 'growing by leaps and bounds'.  Play

Why isn't Apple suing Google?

Samsung's argument that Apple has attacked the wrong company could resonate with the jury.  More

How Mark Zuckerberg courts companies

In just three and a half days, Facebook and virtual reality firm Oculus worked out a $2 billion deal.  More

Joe Nocera's thing about Apple

The New York Times Op-Ed columnist does it again.  More

Heartbleed bug affects gadgets everywhere

The Heartbleed Internet bug affects a lot of the gear we all use at work. Fixing it all will be a herculean task.  More

Tinder isn't worth $5 billion, but it's valuable, investors say

Today's version of "Hot or Not" has more upside potential than you might think.  More

Why Facebook bought Oculus

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe tells CNNMoney's Laurie Segall why Facebook became interested in buying his company.  Play

Samsung Galaxy S5: Just a slight upgrade

Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone is improved over its predecessor, but only in subtle ways.  More

Major League Baseball goes to bat with 'R.B.I. Baseball 14' reboot

One of the most storied baseball video game franchises of all time has returned, and was developed internally by the league.  More

Is VR really the next big thing?

Virtual reality technology has been in development for decades, but it's hotter than ever with Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR. Should it be?  More

Amazon offers employees $5,000 to quit

Amazon CEO Bezos says his $5,000 pay-to-quit program helps to insure that workers at Amazon really want to be there.  More

Google exec: We love Android and Chrome equally

We talk to Sundar Pichai, the head of Google's Android, Chrome and Apps groups.  More

The fight to sell (virtual) selling

A number of e-commerce companies have sprung up to help businesses sell digital goods more effectively online. The hardest sale? Themselves.  More

T-Mobile to sell 4G iPad at Wi-Fi price

T-Mobile is launching a new attack in its effort to shake up the wireless industry.  More

Apple docs: Samsung misled investors about Galaxy Tab sales

A "top secret" internal report shows Samsung sold half as many Galaxy Tabs as it claimed.  More

Grand tour of the Apple retail palaces of Europe: Berlin

Second stop on a 5-city tour is a renovated century-old theater on a wide Berlin boulevard.  More

Change these passwords right now

Worried about the Heartbleed bug? Here are the passwords to change immediately.  More

Amazon buys digital comics app comiXology

Amazon is targeting a new corner of the media world.  More

Tech stock rout continues in Asia

Asian tech and telecom stocks plunged Friday as investors sold off their holdings, alarmed by yet another slide in U.S. technology stocks yesterday.  More

Four tips for negotiating a new tech job

Experts offer advice on how to get what you want and be a team player.  More

Evernote CEO: Apps will become obsolete

Smart devices and wearables are the future, and they won't run on apps, Libin says.  More

Food startups are cookin': Munchery raises $28 million for meal delivery

San Francisco-based company expands to Seattle, aims to be in up to 20 cities within next few years.  More

Comcast grilled in Senate over merger plans

Executives from Comcast and Time Warner Cable appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to make the case for their merger.  More

10 Questions: Nico Sell, co-founder and CEO, Wickr

On top-secret messaging, competing against viral growth apps, and protecting one's identity.  More

In conversation with: Sebastian Thrun, CEO, Udacity

On why higher education is expensive, the importance of the English language, and his designs to go global.  More

Silicon Valley pushes immigration reform

Tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley push for immigration reform with  Play

Atlassian: The $3.3 billion software company you've never heard of

The Aussie business collaboration startup is profitable and quietly preparing for an I.P.O. We talk to co-founder and co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes.  More

Icahn settles with eBay over PayPal

Carl Icahn has dropped a shareholder proposal to split off part of PayPal.  More

Survey: 40% of early adopters would buy a bigger iPhone

Interest in the so-called iPhone 6 sets a ChangeWave survey record.  More

Dropbox opens its next chapter, with 275 million users

Cloud-storage startup adopts a multi-app approach, taking on big tech players such as Facebook and Google.  More

'Drone law' becomes big business

Last month's ruling overturning a ban on commercial drone use highlights just how messy the regulation of domestic drones really is.  More

Warren Buffett endorses Airbnb

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has reached out to Airbnb to give shareholders cheaper lodging alternatives for next month's annual meeting in Omaha.  More

Pearl Jam's Dropbox hypocrisy

Dropbox makes major announcement, and a little part of me just died.  More

A big challenge to GrubHub's post-IPO growth? Fax machines

The food ordering company reveals that many of its restaurant customers have yet to adopt tablets.  More

Ex-Urban Outfitters CEO talks about his new private equity plans

Glen Senk has more than $350 million to invest into growing consumer and retail companies.  More

In the era of mobile, the web will live on

People are spending more time on their mobile phones versus their desktops, but the mobile web still has its place for companies to market themselves.  More

Heartbleed bug: What you need to know

Heartbleed takes advantage of a fatal flaw in a safety feature that is supposed to keep your Web communication private.  More

J.P. Morgan: Apple is leaving $63 billion on the table

All it needs to do, says the bank's new Apple analyst, is put a keyboard on the iPad.  More
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